Steriflow Valve

Steriflow Valve, a division of Jordan Valve: Steriflow Valve is the single source for high performance, high quality, sanitary valves. Steriflow has earned its reputation for quality through nearly two decades of success in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, cosmetics and clean process industries. We have the most experience in designing and manufacturing valves and steam traps with exacting performance and reliability characteristics.


Shop Our Steriflow Valve Product Lines

JSR Gas Pressure Reducing Valve - JSR-050-6L/CA2STF05JLSKNN0X$1,907.00
JSR Gas Pressure Reducing Valve - JSR-050-6L/PA2STF05JLSKNN0X$1,614.00
Mk 96 Sanitary Pressure Regulator - 96-100-6L/AHAAATYACJLAA00$4,293.00
MK93 Sanitary Steam Trap - 93C050C$993.00
SA Sample Adapter - SA-050-00-EP$909.00
Sanitary Ball Valve - 9020-100-LF/CAHLNN0000NN0000$361.00
Sanitary Check Valve - SHC-100-6L/TCS6TF$1,571.00
SC30 Sample Cooler - SC30-D-SL-EP$5,362.00
SC60 Sample Cooler - SC60-B-00-EP$3,716.00
SH Sample Hose - SH-050-2M$183.00
Sight Glass - SG-100-EP/00EP$883.00
SV Sample Valve - SV-050-050-0-EP$1,492.00

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