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Welcome to the Sentrol Inc product store.  Below you can search and filter to find the product you are looking for. To view a more detailed product description & purchase options simply click the “Show Details” button.

ImageNameManufacturerDescriptionCategoryPriceLearn Morehf:categorieshf:tags
1032 Sanitary Pressure Gauge - 251032S20LXLLNHSG/100#$411.00Show detailsashcroftsanitary
1032 Sanitary Pressure Gauge - 351032S20LXLLNHSG/100#$1.00Show detailsashcroftsanitary
1032 Sanitary Pressure Gauge - 451032S20LXLLNHSG/100#$1.00Show detailsashcroftsanitary
A-Series Switch - APAN41H00MHS0260#-42R$235.00Show detailsashcroft
AccuSense Model ASL - ASL1005WB1F1103A00$1,670.00Show detailssetra-systems
Air.IQ Pkg. - AIR.IQ-1-1$4,100.00Show detailspanametrics
Air.IQ Pkg. - AIR.IQ-2-1Contains: (1) DEW.IQ-3-5-1-0 Analyzer , (1)IQ.probe-2-W-0-0-0-0 and 733-1155-00 Sample system DATASHEET:$4,100.00Show detailspanametrics
AT600 Aquatrans Ultrasonic Flowmeter - AT6-C1-AT20-6-IN-1-1-A-AT-01-E-0$3,130.00Show detailspanametrics
AXG Mag Meter - AXG050-GA000AA1AL212B-1JA11/GRL/SCT/MC$3,855.00Show detailsyokogawa
Beacon 800 Battery - 49-8104RK$450.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
Beacon 800 Controller - 72-2108RK$2,295.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
Beacon 800 Output Board - 75-0004RK$300.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
Beacon 800 Relay Board - 75-0006RKThe Beaconª 800 is a versatile, low cost fixed system controller for one to eight points of gas detection. It …$480.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
CXLdp Differental Pressure Transmitter - CX8MB242-3IW$208.00Show detailsashcroft
Detectomer FDA O-Ring - #022-EPDM-FDA-BUZ-XR$12.00Show detailsrubberfab
Detectomer Tri-Clamp Gasket - 40MPE-BUZ-XR-100$2.00Show detailsrubberfab
Dew.IQ Moisture Analyzer - DEW.IQ-3-5-1-0$2,760.00Show detailspanametrics
Dew.IQ Moisture Analyzer - DEW.IQ-3-6-1-0$2,760.00Show detailspanametrics
DuraGauge 1279 - 45-1279SS-04LXLLSGNHC4160#Ashcroft Duragauge, 4-1/2″ Dial, 316SS Tube, 316L SS 1/2″ NPT Lower Mount Process Connection, Plus Performance Dampening, Safety Glass, Stainless …$373.00Show detailsashcroft
Duralife 1009 - 25-1009AW-02LXNHC4/100#Ashcroft Duralife Stainless Steel Gauge, 2-1/2″ dial, 316L Tube, Aluminum/Bronze 1/4″ NPT Lower Mount Connection, Stainless Steel Tag (Wired), Individual …$1.00Show detailsashcroft
Duralife 1009 - 25-1009AW02L15$68.00Show detailsashcroft
Duralife 1009 - 35-1009AW-02LXNHC4/100#$185.00Show detailsashcroft
EI Bimetal Thermometer - 30EI42E040XSGNH/0/250F$197.00Show detailsashcroft
EJA110 Differential Pressure Transmitter - EJA110E-JMS4G-712DJ/FF1/D1/N4$2,085.00Show detailsyokogawa
EJA430E Gauge Pressure Transmitter - EJA430E-JAS4G-U12EN/FF1/D1$1,870.00Show detailsyokogawa
EJX Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter - EJX110B-1MS4G-U9JDB/FS17/D1$3,840.00Show detailsyokogawa
FLXA402 4-Wire Multi Channel Analyzer - FLXA402-A-B-AD-P1-C1-A4-NR-N-N-N-NN/UM/SCT$2,916.00Show detailsyokogawa
FLXA402 Conductivity Analyzer - FLXA402-A-B-AD-C1-NN-A2-NR-N-N-N-NN/UM/SCT$1,806.00Show detailsyokogawa
FLXA402 pH/ORP Analyzer - FLXA402-D-B-AD-P1-NN-A2-NR-N-N-N-NN/UM/SCTThe FLXA402 offers multiple connection possibilities, eliminating the need for multiple analyzers and providing greater flexibility. This four-wire analyzer includes …$1,806.00Show detailsyokogawa
GP10 Data Logger - GP10-1E1D/MT/MC/UH/UC10$5,078.00Show detailsyokogawa
GX10 Panel Mounted Data Recorder - GX10-1E/MT/UH/US10$4,319.00Show detailsyokogawa
Gylon Bio Pro Blue Gasket - 40MP-BIO-PRO-150$5.75Show detailsrubberfab
Gylon Bio Pro White Gasket - 40MP-BIO-PRO-PLUS-150$14.75Show detailsrubberfab
JRH Pressure Regulator - JRH-050-6L/CA4SK4E3JLSKNNN00$1,144.00Show detailslowflow-valve
JSR Gas Pressure Reducing Valve - JSR-050-6L/CA2STF05JLSKNN0X$1,907.00Show detailssteriflow-valvesanitary
JSR Gas Pressure Reducing Valve - JSR-050-6L/PA2STF05JLSKNN0XInline style, manual or air loaded, pressure reducing valves for low to medium flow clean compressed air and gas point …$1,614.00Show detailssteriflow-valvesanitary
KS Sanitary Pressure Transmitter - KS7S2042F2/100#$528.00Show detailsashcroftsanitary
Mk 96 Sanitary Pressure Regulator - 96-100-6L/AHAAATYACJLAA00The Mark 96 operates by sensing pressure under the diaphragm on the downstream side of the seat. As the downstream …$4,293.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
MK60 Pressure Regulator - 60-100-S6/PTS6W728JLED$5,378.00Show detailsjordan-valve
MK93 Sanitary Steam Trap - 93C050C$993.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
Perforated Plate Tri-Clamp Gasket - 40MPEP100-.033SSRubber Fab offers a full line of perforated hole plate gaskets for large particle filtration. Standard perforation is 0.033″, other …$25.50Show detailsrubberfab
PH72 Portable pH / ORP Meter - PH72-00-E-AACompact, Easy-to-Use, and Dip-proof, the PH71/PH72 series is designed specifically to meet the needs of both the field and the laboratory. …$580.00Show detailsyokogawa
PH72SN pH Electrode (See PH72 Handheld) - PH72SN-11-AA$201.00Show detailsyokogawa
PT900 System - PT9-SYS-1C-1-B-0-SC$8,080.00Show detailspanametrics
PT900 Tablet - PT9-Tablet-01$680.00Show detailspanametrics
RAGN Glass Lined Rotameter - RAGN01-G0SS-L741-PDCGN/B1/V1/ME/P6$1,530.00Show detailsyokogawa
S2 Sensor Calibration Kit - 81-F813RK-LV$495.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
S2 Series Sensor - 65-2340RK-HCNThe RKI S2 series gas sensor/transmitters are highly reliable and very cost effective for the detection of common gas hazards. …$800.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
SA Sample Adapter - SA-050-00-EP$909.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
Sanitary Ball Valve - 9020-100-LF/CAHLNN0000NN0000$361.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
Sanitary Check Valve - SHC-100-6L/TCS6TF$1,571.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
SC30 Sample Cooler - SC30-D-SL-EP$5,362.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
SC60 Sample Cooler - SC60-B-00-EPThe 316L sample coolers are shell and spiral tube heat exchangers designed specifically to condense and cool pure steam, WFI …$3,716.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
SC72 Portable Conductivity Meter - SC72-00-E-AA$580.00Show detailsyokogawa
SC72SN Conductivity Electrode (See SC72 Handheld) - SC72SN-11-AACompact, lightweight, and drip proof, the SC72 is the ideal Conductivity meter for field use. Features wide-range auto-ranging, automatic temperature …$298.00Show detailsyokogawa
Screen Tri-Clamp Gasket - 40MPES100-10SS$22.00Show detailsrubberfab
Self Cleaning Fly-Ash Filter for Zirconia Cell - M1234SE-A$748.00Show detailsyokogawa
SH Sample Hose - SH-050-2M$183.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
Sight Glass - SG-100-EP/00EPThe SG Series sight glasses combine 316L stainless steel end connections with a toughened borosilicate viewing glass making them suitable …$883.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
Strobe - 51-0097RK-RED$240.00Show detailsrki-electronicsgas-analyzer
SV Sample Valve - SV-050-050-0-EP$1,492.00Show detailssteriflow-valve
Torque-Rite Nut - TR40$121.50Show detailsrubberfab
Torque-Rite Tee and Nut Socket - TR-40-TEE-CP with WN/TR-Socket$252.00Show detailsrubberfab
Tuf-Flex Tri-Clamp Gasket - A40MPGR-TF-100-E$12.50Show detailsrubberfab
Tuf-Steel Tri-Clamp Gasket - 40MPG-TS-100$6.75Show detailsrubberfab
Type 1036 Sanitary Gauge - 35-1036SL-15L-XC4-100#$482.00Show detailsashcroftsanitary
UHP Pressure Control Gas Stick - L910V9G9$1,400.00Show detailscatamount-controls
Universal Zirconia Cell Kit - E7042UD$978.00Show detailsyokogawa
UT32A Digital Indicating Controller - UT32A-000-11-00$478.00Show detailsyokogawa
UT32A Digital Indicating Controller - UT32A-R00-10-00$265.00Show detailsyokogawacontrollers
UT52A Temperature Controller - UT52A-020-11-00$867.00Show detailsyokogawa
XLdp Differental Pressure Transmitter - XL3MB242STP25IWLAshcroft Pressure Transducer, .25% F.S. accuracy 1/4″ barbed connection, 4-20 mA output, Screw termination, 0 – 0.25″ WC bidirectional range, …$790.00Show detailsashcroft
YTA610 Temperature Transmitter - YTA610-JA1A2DN/N4/FU1$855.00Show detailsyokogawa
ZR22G O2 Sensor - ZR22G-015-S-A-C-T-T-E-A/SCT$2,902.00Show detailsyokogawa
ZR402G O2 Analyzer - ZR402G-T-E-E-A/SCTThe Single Channel Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System delivers accurate O2 and humidity measurements utilizing Yokogawa’s zirconia oxygen analyzers for combustion …$4,216.00Show detailsyokogawa

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