steriflow booth tradeshowSentrol, Inc. prides itself on providing sound technical advice to OEMs, end users, system integrators and engineering firms. As part of its efforts to work with customers on developing sound solutions to fluid sensor and control problems, Sentrol offers a wide array of services and capabilities. Listed below are some of the services and capabilities we offer to our customers to try and accommodate their business requirements.

Component rebuild services
Evaluate and repair pressure regulators, control valves, flowmeters, pressure gauges, control systems, pressure testing devices, and other fluid control components and systems.

Kitting and component assembly
Assembly, welding and kitting of products such as pressure regulators, pressure gauges, valves, control valves with positioners and I/Ps, flow controllers and flowmeters.

Control system conceptualization
Consultation and recommendations regarding the design and functionality of fluid control systems.

Gas sensor calibration and maintenance
LEL gas sensors typically need to be recalibrated every six months or more.   Sentrol is an expert in Sierra Monitor LEL gas sensors.  Whether you would like assistance calibrating your Sierra Monitor gas sensors or are looking for someone to perform the service on a regularly scheduled basis, Sentrol can support all your LEL gas sensor calibration needs.

Fike explosion protection system inspections
Sentrol’s sister company, Sentrol Service, Inc. focuses on providing expertise in the recommendation, sale and service of industrial safety systems including the sale, start-up and inspection of Fike explosion protection systems.

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