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  • NEWEA Conference & Exhibit – January 22-25, Boston, MA – Info here.
  • Sentrol Seminar Series – Mayflower Brewing, Plymouth, MA, February 9.  Register.
  • April 25-27, New York City – Interphex 2023
  • In this issue:
    • Yokogawa coriolis flowmeter for steam measurement.
    • How to use the Jordan Valve MK80 to control tank temperature and steam pressure.
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Sentrol is running seminars at local breweries in the area and you are invited!

Our first seminar will focus on steam flow and pressure control! What type of instruments are best suited for steam handling and what makes them suitable. Our first seminar is planned for February 9th at 3 pm. Stay tuned!

Yokogawa’s enhanced, progressive controls drive a methane plant’s operations to its most profitable running conditions, increasing plant efficiency and profitability.

There are many disturbances that can affect efficiency and stability at a modern methane plant. For example, changes in a primary reformer operation can affect methane leakage into the synthesis loop, which in turn requires changes in purge rate to hold loop pressure or inert levels at the desired value. Certain energy efficiency methods also have the potential to cause disturbances throughout the entire plant. Click here for Coriolis meter steam application summary.

Educational training seminars with Sentrol Inc & Sentrol Life Sciences

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Tank temperature control is vital for steam pressure control in most processes!

Tank temperature control is vital in many industries including chemical, biopharmaceutical, and food and beverage to name a few.

  • Processes using carefully controlled tank or kettle thermal environments oftentimes require precision control, fast response to temperature setpoint changes and even temperature distribution.