Armstrong International

Armstrong International offers groundbreaking flow measurement technology and equipment. Their products include a full line of differential pressure flow elements and vortex, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic meters, including VERIS Accelabar® – their patented flow meter that doesn’t require any straight pipe lengths for installation. 

Authorized Supplier & Distributor Of Armstrong International Instrumentation

Sentrol Inc. is an authorized supplier & distributor of Armstrong International products in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and Eastern Canada! The products we supply for Armstrong International include flowmeters, the Veris Accelabar, the Veris Verabar, vortex meters, BTU meters, venturi tubes, and more!

Our team of in-house engineers works with OEMS, end users, contractors, and engineering firms throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, & Eastern Canada to design and implement Armstrong International flow measurement technology in their applications. If your company is looking for a third party to recommend, evaluate, design, engineer, or analyze the flow, level, and fluid control systems in your application, Sentrol Inc. is here for you! Contact us today to learn more about our products & services!