LEL gas detectors, also known as LEL monitors or LFL monitors, are tools used to detect hazardous levels of combustible gasses in the air. Hazardous gas levels are expressed in a % of LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), with 100% LEL being the minimum gas concentration level that could result in an explosion ignition or combustion. LEL gas detectors are a crucial component of a facility’s overall gas detection system and are an essential piece of safety equipment in manufacturing facilities that deal with combustible gasses. Learn more about LEL gas detectors below, or if you have any questions about how they relate to your application, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Sentrol Inc. today!


How Do LEL Gas Detectors Work?

Lower Explosive Limit gas monitors are used to detect potentially harmful concentrations of gas in the air within a facility and alert employees of the possible danger. All combustible gasses have a Lower Explosive Limit, which is the minimum concentration in the air at which a fire or explosion could occur when an ignition source is present. For example, the LEL for hydrogen is 4%, so a 4% concentration of hydrogen by volume in the air would translate to a 100% LEL. LEL gas detectors constantly monitor the air in a facility for the presence of these gasses and are used to alert employees whenever a gas concentration level between 0% and 100% LEL is detected. LEL gas detectors are essential safety systems for companies and manufacturing facilities in the oil & gas, chemical, semiconductor, and other manufacturing industries and may be required by local, state, or federal regulations. Careful installation and accurate calibration are paramount when it comes to LEL gas monitors and other gas detection systems!


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