A conductivity analyzer is a device that is used to measure a solution’s ability to pass electric currents. Conductivity analyzers, also commonly referred to as conductivity meters or transmitters, are used in a wide range of industries, including water & wastewater, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverage, chemical, and more. Some common applications for conductivity analyzers include water quality measurements, pollution monitoring, salinity levels in water, water purity, and more.

How Is The Conductivity Of A Solution Determined?

In the simplest terms, a solution’s conductivity is determined by how many charged ions are in the solution, how fast these ions move, and the electrical current capacity of these ions. Typically, the more ions there are in a solution, the more conductive the solution is. One exception to this rule is that if a solution becomes overcrowded with ions to the point where the ions movements are restricted, conductivity can decrease. For this reason, two different solutions with different salinity levels could have the same conductivity. 

How Do Conductivity Analyzers Work?

Conductivity analyzers consist of two or more electrodes that an alternating electrical current is applied to. When these electrodes are placed in the solution that is being analyzed, the current passing between the electrodes is measured, resulting in a measurement of the conductivity of the solution. The more current that passes between the electrodes, the higher the conductivity of the solution. Conversely to a solution’s conductivity, resistivity can also be measured by a conductivity analyzer, which measures how strongly a fluid resists an electrical current. Water with high purity has a high resistivity, while water that contains lots of electrolytes has a high conductivity. For more information about conductivity analyzers and the applications in which they are used, please contact our team at Sentrol Inc. today!

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