What Is a Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer?

Zirconia oxygen analyzers are devices used to take accurate, real-time measurements of the oxygen concentration within a sample gas. Zirconia oxygen analyzers are used in a wide range of applications in the oil, gas, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and automotive industries. One restriction for the use of zirconia oxygen analyzers is that they can not be used to measure the oxygen concentration of combustible gasses because they will poison the zirconium oxide detection cell, resulting in an incorrect low reading. To learn more about how zirconia oxygen analyzers may be useful in your application, contact our team of sensor and control instrumentation experts at Sentrol Inc. today! To shop zirconia oxygen analyzers from industry leading manufacturers, visit our online store or call us at (888) 877-1778!

How Do Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers Work?

Zirconia oxygen analyzers have two main components: an electrolyte and an electrode. The electrolyte is made of stabilized Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), also known as zirconia, and the electrode is made by coating the zirconia in a thin layer of platinum (Pt). In order to take a measurement of the oxygen concentration of a given gas, one side of the electrode will be exposed to air, which acts as the reference content of oxygen, and the other side of the electrode will be exposed to the sample gas that contains unknown oxygen levels. The zirconia is then heated above 600°C in order to allow oxygen ions to pass between the two sides of the zirconia until equilibrium is reached, resulting in a potentiometric voltage that can be measured and plugged into the Nernst equation in order to calculate the oxygen concentration of the sample gas.

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