Multichannel analyzers are instruments used to measure distributions of input signals consisting of voltage pulses. These instruments operate in two separate modes: pulse height analyzer mode and multichannel scaler mode. In pulse height analyzer mode (or PHA, for short), input pulses are sorted into “bins” or “channels” according to their amplitude. In multichannel scaler mode (or MCS, for short), input pulses are sorted into bins or channels according to the time when they arrive. As the name would suggest, multichannel analyzers have many channels, often hundreds or thousands, used to count the number of pulses in a given voltage range. Once the analysis has been completed, the multichannel analyzer will provide a visual display of the results and output the data to a printer or computer for further analysis. Multichannel analyzers are used in many different kinds of applications across the biopharma, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research & development industries.


Yokogawa FLXA402 4-Wire Multichannel Analyzer

The Yokogawa FLXA402 Multichannel analyzer offers the possibility of connecting to five sensor measurements at one time. This instrument is designed for a wide range of measurement choices, including pH/ORP, resistivity/conductivity, inductive conductivity, percent concentration, dissolved oxygen, and 4-20 mA input – with the respective sensor module. The FLXA402 converter also includes a user interface with touch screen operation and a simple instinctive menu structure. Start up and commission time is minimal with the quick startup menu for immediate measurement! The Yokogawa FLXA402 will eliminate the need for multiple analyzers and provide greater flexibility in your application! Shop the Yokogawa FLXA402 4-Wire Multichannel Analyzer online from Sentrol Inc. today!


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