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  • ISPE Boston Product Show, 9/20 – Booth W57 for Sentrol.
  • New Jersey Water Association Technical Conference – October 18 & 19 – Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Sentrol Seminar Series – Hartford, CT.   October, 25th.  Register.
  • In this issue:
  • Turbine Flow Meter from Flow Technology Inc. (FTI)
  • HPS High Purity Pressure Gauge with Reed Switch from Ashcroft Inc.  
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    Sentrol Seminar Series!

    Thank you to all of you that supported Sentrol in their efforts to raise funds for Team WillPower and the PanMass Challenge.



    Sentrol is running seminars at local breweries in the area and you are invited!

    Our third seminar will focus on steam flow and pressure control. What type of instruments are best suited for steam handling and what makes them suitable? Topics Include:

    • Steam Pressure Control
    • Ultrasonic Flow metering of Steam

    Thursday, October, 19th in Hartford, CT.


    The Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) is the largest cancer fundraiser in the United States with a two-day bike ride covering 190 miles.

    Turbine Flow Meters Keep Hospital Backup Generators Up and Running
    HPS High Purity Pressure Gauge with Reed Switch

    Hospitals serve as the community life support system during times of crisis, and are an important provider of general healthcare services. Should a power outage occur, electricity is still needed for operating monitors, oxygen pumps and other necessary healthcare tools. This is where the importance of power generation systems comes in. When the power is out, hospitals require an alternative source of electricity to keep vital equipment up and running.

    Click here to learn more about turbine flow meters for Hospital Backup Generators



    The Ashcroft® 50 mm HPS high-purity pressure gauges with Reed Switch are ultrasonically cleaned to provide exceptional quality and reliability in ultra-high-purity gas delivery systems. Its stainless-steel construction and wetted components are ideal for use with industrial gases in semiconductor and electronic manufacturing.

    Click here to learn more about HPS high purity pressure gauge with red switch




    Educational training seminars with Sentrol, Inc & Sentrol Life Sciences


    Do you have new employees looking for training?


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