Industrial Automation, Test & Measurement Solutions.

Yokogawa is a leading provider of Industrial Automation, Analytical, Test, and Measurement solutions. Combining superior technology with engineering services, Yokogawa offers:

    • Top of the line Pressure and Zirconia Analyzer Calibration equipment.
    • High end finishes on many of their flow meters which meet the strict requirements of the food-processing and biotechnology/ pharmaceutical industries.
    • The best in Coriolis, Vortex and Mag Meters as well as versatile and accurate level meters.
    • Industry leading recorders/data loggers known for measurement accuracy, noise tolerance, and build quality.
      • **These include most industrial networking protocols, all-in-one architectures, and typically require no programming. Combined with Yokogawa’s multipurpose Controllers for complete system monitoring.
    • Pressure transmitters with DPharp® technology help you achieve enhanced product quality, reduced total cost of ownership, and increased plant availability.
    • Head-mount, panel-mount, and field-mount devices to cover different temperature applications.
    • One of the most comprehensive families of sensors and on-line analyzers for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, combustion oxygen, humidity, liquid and gas density, and process gas chromatography.
    • DTSX temperature monitoring system – accurately pinpoints leaks or fires over a system up to 50km in a matter of seconds with no added infrastructure.

Authorized Supplier & Distributor Of Yokogawa Products

Sentrol Inc. is an authorized supplier & distributor of Yokogawa instrumentation products! We are sensor and control solution experts that work with OEMS, end users, contractors, and engineering firms in the biopharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, HVAC, material handling, microelectronics, research & development, and wastewater markets! Our staff of service engineers has over 100 combined years of experience in the evaluation, engineering, and analysis of fluid control systems! If your company is looking for recommendations on the sizing, selection, and sale of Yokogawa instruments, our team at Sentrol Inc. is here for you! Contact us today to learn more or shop our Yokogawa products online below!  


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Shop Our Yokogawa Product Lines

AXG Mag Meter - AXG050-GA000AA1AL212B-1JA11/GRL/SCT/MC$4,413.00
EJA110 Differential Pressure Transmitter$2,403.00
EJA430E Gauge Pressure Transmitter - EJA430E-JAS4G-U12EN/FF1/D1$2,154.00
EJX Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter - EJX110B-1MS4G-U9JDB/FS17/D1$4,045.00
FLXA402 4-Wire Multi Channel Analyzer - FLXA402-A-B-AD-P1-C1-A4-NR-N-N-N-NN/UM/SCT$3,332.00
FLXA402 Conductivity Analyzer - FLXA402-A-B-AD-C1-NN-A2-NR-N-N-N-NN/UM/SCT$2,090.00
FLXA402 pH/ORP Analyzer - FLXA402-D-B-AD-P1-NN-A2-NR-N-N-N-NN/UM/SCT$2,090.00
GP10 Data Logger$6,216.00
GX10 Panel Mounted Data Recorder - GX10-1E/MT/UH/US10$5,297.00
PH72 Portable pH / ORP Meter - PH72-00-E-AA$649.00
PH72SN pH Electrode (See PH72 Handheld) - PH72SN-11-AA$231.00
RAGN Glass Lined Rotameter - RAGN01-G0SS-L741-PDCGN/B1/V1/ME/P6$1,684.00
SC72 Portable Conductivity Meter - SC72-00-E-AA$649.00
SC72SN Conductivity Electrode (See SC72 Handheld) - SC72SN-11-AA$341.00
Self Cleaning Fly-Ash Filter for Zirconia Cell - M1234SE-A$837.00
Universal Zirconia Cell Kit - E7042UD$1,096.00
UT32A Digital Indicating Controller$553.00
UT32A Digital Indicating Controller - UT32A-R00-10-00$265.00
UT52A Temperature Controller - UT52A-020-11-00$1,003.00
YTA610 Temperature Transmitter - YTA610-JA1A2DN/N4/FU1$987.00
ZR22G O2 Sensor - ZR22G-015-S-A-C-T-T-E-A/SCT$3,313.00
ZR402G O2 Analyzer - ZR402G-T-E-E-A/SCT$4,848.40

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