UT52A Temperature Controller

Part #: UT52A-020-11-00


UT52A UTAdvanced Hybrid Controller, 3DIs, 3DOs, 100-240VAC Power Supply, Additional Remote Input and DI Function

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The UT52A temperature controllers employ an easy-to-read, 14-segment large color LCD display, along with navigation keys, thus greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities. A ladder sequence function is included as standard. The short depth of the controller helps save instrument panel space. The UT52A also support open networks such as Ethernet communication.

Part #: UT52A-020-11-00


  • Up to 4 analog inputs available
  • 3 alarm independent common terminals available as standard
  • Ladder sequence programs can be built
  • Simple operation
  • Up to 18 DOs (combinations available)
  • Multiple language operation manual (Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean) available. Please specify the desired language when ordering.
  • Detailed code model available to customize specifications best suited to you.

See our datasheet for the Yokogawa UT52A Temperature Controller specifications: https://nesentrol.com/datasheets/UT55A52ADataSheet.pdf

See our datasheet for the Yokogawa UT52A Temperature Controller applications: https://nesentrol.com/datasheets/UT55A52ADataSheet.pdf