Tuf-Steel Tri-Clamp Gasket

Part #: 40MPG-TS-100


1″ Tuf-Steel Tri-Clamp Gasket

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Composed of a unique proprietary blend of PTFE and 316L Stainless Steel, Tuf-Steel® is the choice for leak-proof performance and outstanding durability in steam applications.  With a 500 steam cycle guarantee, this metal detectable gasket will easily out perform any elastomeric or perfluoroelastomer gasket and will remain in service for extended periods of time. It is the material of choice when chemical and heat resistance are required!

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Part #: 40MPG-TS-100

Datasheet: https://nesentrol.com/datasheets/TufSteelGasketDataSheet.pdf

TUF-STEEL® Stands Up to Rigorous Conditions and Delivers Leak-Proof Performance
• 500 CIP/SIP cycles guaranteed
• Excellent expansion/contraction stability with minimal thermal expansion
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Stops leaks when correctly torqued (50 in./lbs. with Torque-Rite Model TR-50)
• Tuf-Steel® is a compression control gasket
• No gasket intrusion into the sanitary tube I.D.
• No obstruction of flow
• Maintains sealing stability in ∆T processes

Property ASTM Method Value
Specific Gravity D792 3.45
Tensile Strength D4894 1928psi
Elongation @ Break D4894 270%
Compressive Stress @ 1% D695 832
Compressive Stress @ 5% D695 2590
Compressive Modulus D695 84200
Hardness D2240 68
Temperature Low Continuous -350°F
Temperature High Continuous 550°F

The original Tuf-Steel® gasket, a Rubber Fab product innovation, is the strongest gasket in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage industries. Tuf-Steel® is ideal for extreme temperature applications, such as steam, hot oil and friers, where temperatures range from -350°F to 550°F.

TUF-STEEL® Meets Stringent Standards
• U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI Certification
• Cytotoxicity Criteria
• FDA CFR 21 177.1550
• 3-A Certified
• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
• ASME-BPE Standards for Type I and Type II
• ADI Free® (Animal Derived Ingredient Free)