AT600 Aquatrans Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Part #: AT6-C1-AT20-6-IN-1-1-A-AT-01-E-0


Aquatrans ultrasonic flowmeter, electronics with alarm contact and totalizer, C-AT transducer, clamping fixture, 10′ transducer cable, and couplant.

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The Panametrics AquaTrans AT600 is a liquid clamp-on flow meter designed to be accurate, durable and cost-effective. Rugged and reliable, this meter will remain fixed to your pipe for years to come.

Part #: AT6-C1-AT20-6-IN-1-1-A-AT-01-E-0


  • Economical non-intrusive flow measurement
  • Extremely simple setup and installation
  • Suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials
  • Suitable for lined pipes
  • Velocity, volumetric, and totalized flow outputs
  • Clamp-on installations
  • Permanent solid couplant for clamp-on applications.

For specifications on the Panametrics AT600 Aquatrans Ultrasonic Flowmeter, please view our datasheet by clicking the link below!


• Potable Water
• Wastewater
• Sewage
• Discharge water
• Treated water
• Cooling and heating water
• Irrigation water
• Other industrial fluids