product1-lgOn Monday 22 April 2013, SAES Pure Gas Inc. acquires the intellectual property and all other rights to manufacture and market Power + Energy’s low cost, high efficiency, Palladium micro-channel purifiers.

SAES Pure Gas will expand its manufacturing facility at its San Luis Obispo CA plant to build the Palladium micro-channel purifiers for ultra-high purity hydrogen applications. Power + Energy will continue to build purifiers for SAES Pure Gas at its Ivyland PA plant until the SAES Pure Gas facility has been completed and will continue to provide warranty support for its existing purifier customers.

“The Palladium Membrane Technology fits perfectly within the purification portfolio of SAES Pure Gas. We are proud to offer this Palladium Membrane technology to our customers in conjunction with our other ultra-high purity technologies for Hydrogen (adsorber, heated getters) and other bulk gases which include Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Ammonia, CDA, and Oxygen “comments Mr. Tim Johnson, SAES Pure Gas CEO. This acquisition comes at a crucial moment for Palladium Membrane technology, with the increased use of Hydrogen within the Electronics industry.

Power + Energy’s future business focus will be on providing innovative products and technologies to the growing markets for syn-gas and hydrogen generation, separation, and analysis.

Commenting on the sale, Power + Energy’s CEO, Peter Bossard said “I am very pleased that SAES has recognized the value of Power + Energy’s hydrogen purification technology. We are looking forward to fully supporting the transition of the Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers from Power + Energy to SAES Pure Gas. And of course, I am excited by the prospect of being able to focus Power + Energy’s future work on delivering innovative low cost products to the growing hydrogen economy.”