Upcoming Events & What’s In This Issue

  • NEWWA Conference & Exhibit – April 5 & 6, Worcester, MA – Info here.
  • Sentrol Seminar Series – Mayflower Brewing, Plymouth, MA, May 11 Register.
  • April 25-27, New York City – Interphex 2023
  • In this issue:
      • Fike hygienic rupture discs.
      • Hydrogen analysis from Panametrics.
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Sentrol Seminar Series!

What Is A “Hygienic Rupture Disc”?

Sentrol is running seminars at local breweries in the area and you are invited!

Our seminar will focus on steam flow and pressure control. What type of instruments are best suited for steam handling and what makes them suitable. Our next seminar is planned for May 11. Stay tuned!

Hygienic rupture discs must maintain similar hygienic qualities found throughout a production facility in the biotech, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Non-hygienic rupture discs and holders may collect unwanted media or bacteria, resulting in ruined batches, production downtime and irreparable harm to customer confidence. Click here to learn more about hygienic rupture discs.

Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production: 

Process Safety and Quality Hydrogen, Oxygen and Moisture Analysis using Advanced Technologies

Educational Training Seminars With Sentrol Inc. & Sentrol Life Sciences

The hydrogen generated by water electrolysis is playing an increasingly important role as an energy source and carrier with a wide range of applications. It will make a major contribution to replacing traditional fuels in many applications, from fuel for heavy vehicles to replacing natural gas for heating. It is one of the key solutions in achieving a zero emissions economy by 2050.


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