Moisture analyzers, also known as moisture balances, are laboratory instruments that measure the moisture contents in a solid, liquid, or gas. Moisture analyzers are used to ensure that a product has a low enough moisture content to discourage the growth of microorganisms. Moisture analyzers are used in various quality control applications, and have many uses in the food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and plastics industries. Moisture analyzers are fairly straightforward to use and can easily be operated by following the precise steps necessary to obtain accurate readings for the specific products being analyzed! Learn more about moisture analyzers below:


How Does A Moisture Analyzer Operate?

Moisture analyzers operate using the thermogravimetric principle, which determines the loss of weight on drying, or “LOD”. This represents the amount of moisture lost during the drying process while the change in weight is recorded by the analyzer. 

Moisture analyzers use either infrared, microwave, or halogen heaters to bring the device up to drying temperature. Today’s moisture analyzers typically use halogen heaters because they allow you to determine the moisture content in almost any substance. During the drying process, changes in weight are constantly calculated and analysis can be performed extremely quickly due to the substance’s small sample size.

Different moisture analyzers are designed slightly differently for the industries and applications they are meant to be used in. Here at Sentrol Inc., we provide our customers with Panametrics Dew.IQ Moisture Analyzers. These moisture analyzers are intended for industrial applications that require accurate, real-time moisture measurements. Dew.IQ moisture analyzers are the perfect instrument for applications in the power generation, heat treating, industrial gas, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries! 


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