flowsmartinclogoSentrol, Inc. is now distributing FlowSmart sanitary gaskets and tubing. FlowSmart is a high purity polymer products company.

FlowSmart has a complete line of sanitary seals, and use its knowledge to produce custom components that solve processing issues on a daily basis.

FlowSmart’s products use its pedigree of materials, assuring the finest performance in the Food, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.

Hygienic Gaskets and Seals Brochures

Metal Detectable Gaskets
FlowSmart Produces Advanced Detection Gaskets using our pedigree of polymers.

PTFE bonded gaskets offter the best of both worlds, a PTFE surface with the compressibility of an elastomer.

EPDM Performance
FlowSmart has sold hundreds of thousands of high purity gaskets. The information in this study proves that our products will keep your system running longer without a price premium.

GRQ Hygienic Clamp
The Engineered Clamp Solution.

High Purity Solutions
See the variety of USP Cl VI and FDA products FlowSmart has to offer, including hygienic seals, colored materials, metal detectable and ptfe/rubber composites.

Improved sealing, ease of assembly and color coding all in one product

Poly Orifice Plates
FlowSmart brings you innovations that are essential for Ofirice Plate gasket needs.

PolySource Gasket
The Source Gasket allows you to gain access to your flow stream through a conventional sanitary connection by using a Source Gasket and Source Clamp assembly.

The founders of FlowSmart are also the inventors of the industry’s first 316L filled PTFE material. Originally marketed as “Tef Steel”, the compound is now exclusively available through Flow Smart.

Screen and Sock Gasket Assemblies
Largest array of material options for a particulate safe process

Sanitary Resuable End Connectors

Silicone Hose and Tubing

ASTP Silicone Pump Tubing
Pump tubing is produced in a Class 10,000 clean room specifically for use in biotech, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biomedical and food application.

High Purity Silicone Hoses
Wire Reinforced, Fabric Reinforced and Braided Platinum cured silicone hose, made in a clean room environment.

Silicone Tubing
Tubing is produced in an ISO Class 7 clean room specifically for use in biotech, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biomedical applications.