With nearly 70 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, Fike Corp. can help you mitigate the risk of explosions with our understanding of the complexities of processes, relevant code compliance and the critical nature of continued plant operation.

Explosion Isolation:

Fike’s proven Explosion Isolation systems prevent the propagation of flame from one part of the process to another through the use of fast-acting explosion isolation valves and/or chemical barriers.

Explosion Suppression:

Fike suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages-before an explosion can cause a disaster or become catastrophic.

Explosion Venting:

Explosion venting, one of the most common and effective forms of explosion protection, offers overpressure protection from potential industrial explosion hazards by providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape.


  1. Dust testing services for to determine combustibility
  2. Explosion vents and flameless venting
  3. Chemical suppression & isolation
  4. Isolation valves

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