The Ashcroft® DXLdp is a variable capacitance sensor within a glass-clad silicon chip. The patented Si-Glas™ technology combines the inherent high sensitivity of a variable capacitance transducer with the repeatability of a micro-machined, ultra-thin silicon diaphragm.

The Ashcroft® Si-Glas™ sensor enables precise measurement and control of very low pressure. Although the ultra-thin silicon diaphragm deflects only a micron, the sensor is 100 times more sensitive to pressure than available silicon piezo-resistive pressure sensors.

The Si-Glas™ sensor is composed of only sputtered metals and glass molecularly bonded to silicon. There are no epoxies or other organics in the sensor to contribute to drift or mechanical degradation over time. The glass-clad silicon diaphragm withstands extreme overpressure as well as severe shock and vibration.

Three accuracy options: 0.25%, 0.5% and 1.0%. Differential or Bi-directional ranges available. .05 to 50 inches WC capability.


  • The exclusive patented Ashcroft® SpoolCal® actuator provides in-place system calibration without disturbing process tubes (available on pressure ranges up to 50IW maximum.)
  • Front access test jacks provide on-line signal reference without removing wiring
  • LED range status indicators for instant troubleshooting information
  • DIN Rail Mount – dramatically reduces installation and calibration costs
  • 2:1 range turndown options
  • CE standard with all outputs
  • On-board voltage regulation allows use of lower cost, unregulated power supply

Download the Ashcroft DXLdp Ultra-Low Differential Pressure Transmitter datasheet.

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