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  • The Jordan Valve Mark 67 Series is for critical pressure reducing applications. It provides greater accuracy and lower offset than can be achieved with a self-operated regulator. Read More

  • High Purity Gas Control Assemblies are designed to control the pressure or flow of inert gases used in the micro-electronics, fiberoptic and nanotechnology researchmarkets. Read More

  • FT Series turbine flowmeters utilize a proven flow measurement technology to provide exceptionally accurate and reliable digital outputs. Read More

  • The Fike Axius® SC Rupture Disc is specifically designed for the stringent sanitary and aseptic requirements of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. Read More

  • The Steriflow Valve Mark 978JD (Jorlon diaphragm) meets ASME BPE 2009 guidelines and is ideally suited for a wide range of flowing media in both the clean utility and process areas of sanitary and aseptic systems. Read More

  • The Ashcroft® DXLdp is a variable capacitance sensor within a glass-clad silicon chip. Read More

  • Fike Explosion Protection can help you mitigate the risk of explosions with our understanding of the complexities of processes, relevant code compliance and the critical nature of continued plant operation. Read More

  • The Marwin Valve 10,000 Series soft seat (Class VI shutoff) ball valve is engineered for high pressure applications and includes built-in versatility. Read More

  • The Mark 708 Low Flow control valve was developed to provide the most accurate control available for fractional flow services. Read More

  • Setra's Model GCT-225 Series is ideally suited for high-purity gas delivery systems semiconductor processes, and control applications that require ultra-clean operation, high throughput perfomance, and exceptional long-term stability. Read More

  • Specified around the world for the most demanding requirements, these instruments are widely recognized under the brand names Ashcroft,® Heise,® Willy,® and Weksler.® And you can find them in wastewater treatment facilities, and more. Read More

Who is Sentrol

Sentrol is a manufacturer’s representative and value added distributor that specializes in selling sensor and control instrumentation to growing manufacturing markets in New England, New York and Eastern Canada.

Founded in 2001, Sentrol focuses on providing sound technical solutions to solve fluid sensing and control applications in the aerospace, biopharm, microelectronics, chemical, power generation, water and wastewater, and research & development markets.


Sentrol's Latest Products & Applications

GE Measurement and Sensing


through Sentrol
GE Panametrics flowmeters and gas measuring, General Eastern moisture, humidity and dew point, Druck pressure transmitters and calibrators.

Palladium Micro-Channel Purifiers


through Sentrol
On Monday 22 April 2013, SAES Pure Gas Inc. acquires the intellectual property and all other rights to manufacture and market Power + Energy’s low cost, high efficiency, Palladium micro-channel purifiers.

Sierra Monitor Sentry IT Controller


through Sentrol
From simple alarms to sophisticated systems integrating fire and gas detection, logic controls, graphical interface and remote web server displays, the Sierra Monitor Sentry IT Controller is "Best of Class".

Steriflow Valve JSHM Series


through Sentrol
The Steriflow Valve JSHM Series hand metering valve allows precision manual adjustment of pharmaceutical liquid and gas flows.